SeriesGuide v38 Beta 2 Premium APK

SeriesGuide Premium APK

SeriesGuide Premium APK Cracked by CharsiAPK is now available to download. This MOD/Patched has all paid features unlocked without ads.


Manage (re-)watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

See what is coming up, keep track of what to watch next.
– Check in with trakt ( ) or tvtag ( ) to share what you are watching.
– Sync shows and movies with trakt.
– No sign-in required, keep going even without an internet connection.
– DashClock extension.
Get the X Subscription in Settings! X features include more list widget options and notifications for new episodes. You also support continued fixes and new features.
NOTE: Dates and times are limited to the first release in the country of origin. You can’t watch episodes.


  • SeriesGuide Cloud and trakt account screens display available features and sync status.
  • Simplified season info text, does not say all watched if none watched.
  • Enable favorite (star) button of list items.
  • In show list, do not display day of episode if it is the same as the regular release day.
  • Skip TheTVDB sync after 3 consecutive timeouts.
  • Dim episodes until actual release, matching season info text.
  • Drop-down to change seasons contains empty or duplicate seasons.
  • Last watched times not updated correctly when syncing with Cloud and show is not on device.
  • Do not move Hulu shows released at midnight by one day.
  • Wrong format of release date and time in Arabic.
  • Latest translations from crowdin.


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